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Get 3% increase in your margins. Accept blockchain payments.

We support 15 digital currencies including Bitcoin.

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Be a part of the evolution. Trade Bitcoin securely, fast and easy.

Use your VISA / MasterCard or bank account.

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Rune Risom, Hungry Group CEO

Merchants Love Blockchain Payments

"When accepting blockchain payments through Coinify we have seen a 3% increase in margins. Furthermore we have had zero chargebacks from our hundreds of digital currency customers. It is a pleasure working with Coinify and their payment solution is very easy to use."

- Rune Risom, Hungry Group CEO

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Coinify - Accept blockchain and bitcoin payments, Get Paid in Euros, Dollars and More

Accept payments in 16 digital currencies, including bitcoin, risk-free online or at a physical location. Receive payout in your local currency ensuring your protection of value and no need to worry about chargebacks or fraud when accepting blockchain payments either.

All devices

Tens of Thousands Have Already Coinified Their Money and Businesses

Coinify enables anyone to buy Bitcoin as an investment, or to buy items and services from a rapidly growing list of stores worldwide. You can always sell the digital currency for instant conversions to your national currency when needed.

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