Coinify Withdrawals

A flexible solution for account withdrawals in virtual currencies

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Offer withdrawals in virtual currencies, no strings attached.

An exclusive Coinify product for forex and betting exchanges to allow account withdrawals in over 10 different virtual currencies.

Payouts are debited from your merchant account and we handle all the heavy lifting in between. Funds are withdrawn seamlessly and the transactions are completed in full via our Payment API.


No service charges for merchants


Easy integration and automated handling via the Coinify API


Merchants can offer their clients payouts in their preferred virtual currency.

Enable Coinify Withdrawals in just a few steps

With a fast and seamless setup, you can let your customers can enjoy their profits in the virtual currency of their choice.

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    Implement our payment API through a simple set-up and add the withdrawal function to your site.

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    Your customers will only need to enter the amount in fiat to withdraw and their personal virtual currency wallet address to receive the amount requested.

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    Get credited in fiat

    Coinify sends the requested amount worth of virtual currency to the customer's wallet and deducts the fiat amount from your Coinify Merchant account.

  • #1 virtual currency payment service provider in Europe
  • 30.000+ merchant signups
  • User base in 70+ countries

Interested in offering a withdrawal solution? Reach out to us directly to get started.

Mark Nevers

Key Account Manager

Morten Bebe

Sales Manager