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    Credit card

    3,5% Payment Fee + Virtual Currency Transaction Fee

    Bank Transfer

    0,75% Payment Fee + Virtual Currency Transaction Fee


    Virtual Currency exchange rate using Coinify Best Price 1

  • Coinify Payments

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    Accept Payments

    Conversion Rates applied to every payment your customers make.

    Market Rate

    Current obtainable rate which incurs a processing fee.

    Coinify Rate

    Virtual currency exchange rate using Coinify Best Price 1 which incurs a processing fee for merchant's customer

    Receive Payouts

    Fiat Currency

    0% Payment Processing Fee 2 + Bank Transaction Fee 3


    Risk and Processing Fee + Virtual Currency Transaction Fee

  • Partners

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  • Coinify works with several leading exchanges in order to provide the best spot price to our customers. We use VWAP calculation which is a real-time calculated USD-equivalent spot rate for bitcoin and ether. The value is continuously calculated using an algorithm based on observed trading activity on several leading bitcoin exchanges. Exchanges with greater liquidity receive a higher weighting in the price calculation mitigating the impact of volume spikes during off-peak trading hours.

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  • If the currency for a payment is different than the account currency of the merchant account, a small conversion margin applies.

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  • Bank Payouts minimums and pricing