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Differentiate your payment service offerings with virtual currency options

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Enable virtual currency payment methods for your merchants

Coinify Payments is a product that allows payment service providers to expand their portfolio of alternative payment methods with 15 different virtual currencies, including the popular bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin and more.

You can allow your merchants to accept virtual currencies without having to hold any currencies yourself - and get payouts in your preferred local currencies. Plus, we handle all the heavy-lifting of the local currency-to-virtual currency processing so you don't have to.


Multicurrency options through one simple integration


Seamless application on numerous platforms


Risk-free with guaranteed fraud-proof payments

The easiest way to accept virtual currencies

Offer your customers an easy option to pay with the virtual currency of their choice, and receive payouts on your side in just 3 simple steps.

  • 1

    Payment Method

    Customers select the virtual currency payment method of choice and completes the payment.

  • 2

    Payment Processing

    We process the payment and send you a confirmation. You can follow the transaction in your Coinify dashboard.

  • 3

    Payout Issuance

    Based on your settings, we will issue a payout in either virtual or local currency to your account.

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  • #1 virtual currency payment service provider in Europe
  • 30.000+ merchant signups
  • User base in 70+ countries

Interested in offering virtual currency payment options? Just reach out to us.

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Sales Manager
Learn more about accepting virtual currency payments and find answers to your questions in the Coinify Help Centre
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