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Warning about Illegal Business Activity Misusing our Brand – Don’t Get Tricked!

Update 18.1.2018:

As we have informed you previously, we were in legal proceedings against the company acting under the name “Coinify Limited” for infringement of our brand. “Coinify Limited”’s domain, has been successfully shut down and the domain is now owned by Coinify ApS.
Please note that Coinify ApS did not inherit, nor is liable for any business activity, claims or guarantees made by “Coinify Limited” on domain.



Dear Coinify Customers and Friends,


We became aware of the existence of a company that allegedly registered in the UK under a name that is practically identical to ours. This company, “Coinify Limited,” went live on a domain using our name and .pro ending.


Our company, Coinify, incorporated in early 2014 and ever since we have built a successful brand earning significant goodwill. We have registered our trademark as a precaution to protect our business.


Nevertheless, the success of one company might attract others to attempt to exploit it. We acknowledge the imitation and are taking legal actions against “Coinify Limited,” and in the meantime issuing this warning to protect anyone from being misled or cheated by them. Several online portals have classified “Coinify Limited” as HYIP based on a Ponzi scheme.

By sharing this information, we want to maintain your confidence in Coinify as a trustworthy company and ensure that you feel comfortable about using our services, while being aware of the the risks from wrongdoers out there.


Please, always feel confident about second guessing if any company claim feels suspicious or too good to be true. Protect yourself from being cheated by companies/services that offer you unbelievingly fast and high gains from little investment.


Although Bitcoin brings a lot of advantages as a payment system and a currency, you will need to know that bitcoin transactions are irreversible. For that reason, we strongly recommend that you only send your bitcoin to the third party you trust. Whenever you place an order with Coinify, you do so while being logged in at our website or platforms of our official partners (such as wallets). We always communicate the payment information via official channels, therefore if you suspect something not feeling right, please let us know directly here.


Thank you for using Coinify services. Our efforts to bring you secure and reliable services are growing ever stronger, because we use each instance to learn and improve.


Kind Regards,




Image Credits: Coinify

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