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Coinify and DigixGlobal announce bitcoin partnership in Singapore

Coinify is the first bitcoin payment processor to partner with an Ethereum based company processing bitcoin payments for crypto-assets on Ethereum.

Joint Press Release

Denmark, Singapore, Oct 26 2015 – Coinify and DigixGlobal Private Limited (Singapore UEN: 201437986E) are proud to announce a formal business partnership. All bitcoin payments going through Digix will solely be processed through Coinify.

This represents a significant initiative between Ethereum and Bitcoin based companies demonstrating how both blockchain ecosystems can work together. The partnership between an Ethereum based company and a Bitcoin based company is one of the industry’s first, signifying that both ecosystems can grow together. Bitcoin users can now easily own Ethereum digital assets apart from Ether.


Mark Hoejgaard“We always seek new ways to support the digital currency adoption,” expressed Coinify CEO Mark Højgaard. “In this case, we see a great fit because Digix is build on blockchain-based platform for applications (Ehtereum); and Coinify provides payment processing for blockchain’s own payment system currency (Bitcoin).”



Kai Cheng ChngKai Cheng Chng, the CEO / Co-Founder of Digix has also expressed excitement from the new partnership: “We have looked at other payment processors and found Coinify to be the best in terms of service, reliability, and willingness to innovate with young companies in Asia. Now end users can easily purchase crypto assets on Ethereum with bitcoin.” Kai adds, “We have always been open to collaborations and partnerships and this represents the first step in being more intertwined with the crypto community.”


Morten BebeMorten Bebe, Coinify’s Sales Manager, speaks more on the mutual convenience of the partnership: “Coinify will enable the global bitcoin community to purchase Ethereum digital assests using Bitcoin; while Digix’s fraud-proof and decentralized approach in the creation of blockchain gold assets and tokens will help promote the crypto ecosystem.”



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This story was also covered by The International Business Times. Click here to read the article Digix and Coinify marry Bitcoin and Ethereum for gold-based digital assets written by Ian Allison.

About Digix
Digix is an asset ownership certification and tokenization platform for physical assets. Digix allows users to purchase assets like investment grade gold bullion with bitcoin, thereafter facilitating physical asset issuances on the blockchain. These digital keys issued on the Ethereum blockchain will have the same transactional utility of Bitcoin and can also be made fungible into divisible digital tokens called “Digix Tokens” representative of grams of gold allocated 1:1. You can find more information about the company at their website at or read the announcement at their blog.

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Image credits: Coinify and Digix

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