Unleash the Power of Blockchain Currency Payments

Add alternative payment options and give your customers a way to pay you in 15 different blockchain currencies globally. Accept bitcoin or other blockchain currency and receive payout in your national currency.

  • Flexible

    Easy integration on numerous platforms

  • Automatic

    Fully automated payment flow

  • Secure

    Guaranteed fraud-proof payments

It’s Easy to Accept Bitcoin and Blockchain Currencies!

Paying with blockchain currencies via Coinify is a seamless experience for you and your customers.

  • 1

    Payment Method

    Customer selects bitcoin or blockchain currency payment method and completes the payment

  • 2

    Payment Processing

    We process the payment and send you a confirmation (follow the transaction in your dashboard)

  • 3

    Payout Issuance

    Based on your settings, we will issue a payout in bitcoin or local currency to your account

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  • 70+ countries

What our customers say

  • Coinify is a great way to get paid in Bitcoin. The service is great and allows us to serve our customers in every way they want. Integration was a seamless experience and they requested us to deliver the right amount of security information without being of much inconvenience. The online dashboard works as one can expect and we get notified when payments are confirmed. Everything integrates with Woocommerce and customers that order via Coinify will have their Queal shipped the same day.

    Floris Wolswijk

    Co-founder and CEO at Queal

  • Bitcoin payment solution helps us to trade with customers in Zimbabwe where the bank wire transfers do not work efficiently due to the current financial situation. Coinify offers a variety of integration tools, which has enabled us to start the service at a trial stage with the option to scale up in the future. As an international car trading company, we are pleased to work with Coinify because they opened up the possibility for a new payment solution fitting our needs.

    Hironori Yamakawa

    CEO at Beforward

Learn more about accepting blockchain payments and find answers to your questions in the Coinify Help Centre
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