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Offer virtual currency payments or trading services to your customers. Integrate your platform with Coinify API.

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What our customers say

  • Digital currencies and peer-to-peer transaction networks have the potential to modernize a financial system that is currently failing over a third of the global population. Partnering with Coinify to offer unprecedented instantaneous bitcoin wallet funding represents a giant step forward in making bitcoin, still a nascent currency, a more compelling and efficient financial solution for new users.

    Peter Smith

    CEO of Blockchain

  • At Loylogic, we have a profound desire to provide innovative redemption ideas to our clients and work with them on constantly growing member engagement. Be it new reward categories, redemption processes, shop features, or campaigns, choice is our overarching principle and bitcoin conversion our latest child. We are thrilled to partner with Coinify, a leading blockchain payment service provider, and be able to bring loyalty program members worldwide the opportunity to redeem their hard-earned miles and points into bitcoins.

    Dominic Hofer

    CEO and Founder of Loylogic

  • Bitcoin is a revolution for the global payments space, making the payments easier and less costly. Bitcoin and blockchain currencies supplement our global payments method services well, as they can be very helpful for our clients to cover more countries and reach more people.

    Dong Liu

    CEO and Founder of Payssion

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