Meet Coinify Investors

At Coinify, we have secured a network of strong strategic partners that join us in mainstreaming the use of virtual currencies. They do not only contribute through investments, but also play an integral role in the company's development and growth. This page showcases our funders.

Nordic Eye Venture Capital

Nordic Eye is a venture capital firm investing in carefully selected European and US early-growth companies within the technology and lifestyle business industries. They seek companies that can scale globally and where they can add maximum, hands-on value while helping to deliver tremendous exit opportunities. Considering themselves a go-to-market partner, their portfolio includes Tattoodo, Boatsetter, CompareAsiaGroup, Organic Basics, Coinify, AirHelp and Bluetown, among others.

Peter Warnøe

CEO and General Partner at Nordic Eye

“This investment marks our first use of the investment fund within the cryptocurrency space. Coinify’s virtual currency platform is built on high-level technological and security standards and is coin-agnostic. As such, it offers great value and convenience for payments, trading or custom integrations. Coinify has a great head-start and we are confident that we have chosen one of the market’s winners.”

SEB Venture Capital

SEB Venture Capital is the corporate venture capital unit within SEB, a leading Nordic financial services group. SEB Venture Capital focuses on the technology and fintech companies. Besides investing in Coinify, they have made over 110 investments over the past 20 years of their operations. Of these approx. 70 have been exited to blue chip acquirers like Microsoft, AstraZeneca, Cisco, Intel, J&J, Motorola and Nortel.

David Sonnek

Head of SEB Venture Capital

”Coinify has developed a unique platform for blockchain payments and fits perfectly in our portfolio of FinTech investments. We at SEB Venture Capital really look forward to contribute to Coinify’s future development.”

SEED Capital

SEED Capital is Denmark’s biggest venture capital fund within the seed segment, whilst also managing public funds via a strategic corporation with the innovation incubator, Pre-Seed Innovation. SEED Capital Denmark first invested in Coinify in 2014 as part of the Seed funding round and continued their support via participation in the A round. Their portfolio features over 70 companies including Endomondo, Trustpilot, Vivino, Templafy and Lunar Way.

Lars Andersen

General Partner at SEED Capital Denmark

”We believe that digital currencies and the blockchain technology have the potential to spawn decades of disruptive innovation in financial services. Coinify has a good foothold in the market and with this particular syndication, they are well-positioned to play a key role in the transformation ahead.”


Accelerace is one of the world’s top 10 seed accelerators. Since 2008 they have spotted, trained and invested in more than 500 Danish and international startups, and they enjoy a company survival rate of 88%. Several Accelerace program alumnis have started partnerships with global companies like Maersk, Novo Nordisk Foundation, Arla and  Bang & Olufsen. You can view the Accelerace Investment portfolio of 69 companies, including Coinify, here.

Jesper Knudsen

Former Partner, Business Accelerator & Investor, Accelerace

“On the mission to bring Bitcoin to the mainstream, Coinify’s winning attribute is their approach to KYC and AML, which they take seriously. As such, they match our investment strategy and are well on their way to secure position as European #1.”